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We ended up planning a wedding in less than 3 months, and were scrambling to find a DJ when we found Scott. Scott was from the very... read full review
This DJ is AMAZING!!! I enjoyed working with him!!!
I LOVED Scott Shaw as our wedding DJ. He was extremely organized and played the exact music my husband and I wanted. He was very... read full review

The Kissing Game

It's fairly common at wedding receptions for the guests to clink on their glasses as a signal that they want the bride and groom to kiss. Build on this tradition by adding a fun twist. Provide us with a list of several other couples (married, engaged, and dating) who will be in attendance. Then have the MC instruct your guests that each time they tap on their drinking glasses for the bride and groom to kiss, another couple will be selected and called upon to come to wedding table and kiss while your guests cheer them on. When the couple is through with their kiss, the bride and groom must do their best to imitate their unique kiss. Soon your guests will be finding fun and creative ways to make the two of you kiss.

Appoint a panel of "Kissing Judges"

This humorous option can be combined with any of the kissing contests. You can have your MC provide one select table of guests (perhaps the group that is clearly going to be the 'rowdy table') to serve as 'Kissing Judges.' The MC will provide them with large scorecards numbered 1-5, just like those used by the judges at ice skating competitions. When the bride and groom kiss, the 'Kissing Judges' will raise the scorecards and deliver their verdict. If your overall scores are too low, the bride and groom will be told to try again to see if they can get a better overall score. Soon, your guests will be trying to make you kiss again, just to see how well the judges will score you. There will undoubtedly be lots of laughter as your guests will cheer you on to a perfect score."

The Polaroid Scrapbook/Guestbook

Enlist the services of a friend or family member to take Polaroid pictures of each person, couple, or family in attendance, and then invite them to write a special message for the bride and groom on the scrapbook page adjacent to their photo. This can also be done with a digital camera with a compatible printer You can also use this idea with stickers and markers to make a scrapbook. Anniversary Cards Place an anniversary card on each table, with each anniversary card made for a different year of marriage, and placed in an envelope with the different years of marriage marked on the envelope. Include a a pen on each guest table, along with printed instructions that will ask the guests at each table to sign the card and write a note they would like the two of you to read on that particular anniversary. Once the cards are completed and sealed, they will be collected and put with the bride and groom’s regular gift cards. On many of their future anniversaries, the bride and groom will be able to open yet another anniversary card that will bring back fond memories of their wedding day. Make a Time Capsule Place note cards and pens at each table and provide your MC with a small, steel canister to be used as a time capsule. The MC will invite the guests to fill out the cards with their names and some special thoughts to share with the bride and groom. The MC will collect all of the cards and any other fun mementos the guests may want to include. These will be sealed inside the steel container until their first, tenth, or even twenty-fifth anniversary."

Bride and Groom Trivia

Bride and groom Trivia can be wonderful addition to your celebration. After all, in a day that's all about the bride and groom, what could be more appropriate than creating yet another opportunity for all of your closest family and friends to find out a little bit more about both of you! This can be done as a way to make you, the bride and groom kiss, or it can be just a great way to have a little fun during dinner. Here’s are two examples: Bride & Groom Trivia Centerpiece Giveaway Use the trivia to give away your table centerpieces. Have the guests at each table compete against each other with the most correct answers out 5 questions being the winner. In the case of a tie, a final round will decide the winners! Bride & Groom Trivia Mixer Make a list of things about the two of you, each of which is known by very few people among your group of guests. Print up the list with blanks for the answers to be filled in by your guests. Be sure your guests know that each of the answers are known only by just a few people. This will keep the participants busy as they will have to ask most, if not all, of your guests for the answers they are seeking. You might even offer a prize to the first person who can get all of the correct answers. Those that participate will not only learn more about the two of you in the process, but they will also get to know quite a few of your guests.

DJ Scott Shaw is a professional Wedding DJ in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Scott Shaw Productions provides outstanding DJ entertainment in Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding area.  Call today for a free consultation about professional DJ Entertainment for your special event.


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